Why is it Dangerous to Stall Broken Glass Replacement on Doors?

You probably have seen some neighbors or some shops near your area having some broken doors and windows but not taking some time for replacement as they think that a tape can mend the breakage and can hold the door or window for long. This probably made you think that it is okay to stall broken glass replacement whenever you have a broken window or broken door in your house.

But I tell you, broken glass is no joke. The more time you wait to fix it, the more breakage it develops, and the more it is difficult to fix and messier to replace it. You probably slammed the door too hard that it left a spider web of cracks. Whatever the reasons are, a broken glass needs to be treated immediately. The glass repair Palm Bay is able to provide both repair and replacement for broken glasses at home. They are professional and highly skilled at doing the task. Do not compromise your safety as this will entail medical costs and more repair costs.

Types of Glass Breakage

There are different kinds of cracks that glass may develop. The main ones are stress cracks, impacting breakage, and spontaneous breakage. Knowing the different kinds of breakage will make you understand that cracks may be caused not only by force; they can also crack by themselves.

Stress Cracks – these cracks begin from the glass’ edge and they meander on your glass without a pattern unlike the other types of cracks. This is commonly experienced by glass made of annealed glass.

Impacting Breakage – these cracks are typically caused by a force put on the glass when something hits on its surface and is one of the most common causes of breakage and damage. Some examples include a ball smashes onto the surface, and a huge bird flying too fast and hitting your window.

Spontaneous Breakage – this is when a glass break by itself. This kind of breakage is commonly caused by nickel sulfide present during the manufacturing of the glass.

There are different kinds of glasses and each type has its own pros and cons. There is laminated glass that is sturdier and stronger compared to other ordinary glasses. Whether it is your shower glass, door, windows, it is important to fix immediately broken windows even if you see tiny cracks. Shards can be in between those cracks which are dangerous.

Furthermore, a broken window or door is far more than an unsightly inconvenience. They can also cause accidents and injuries and comprise the safety of your pets and children at home. Also, if you have broken glasses, it weakens the protection of your house, and burglars may feel invited by a broken window. Lastly, a broken window may cause air leakage that increases risk in your AC unit.

If you have broken glasses at home, we recommend that you immediately fix it by calling a professional service. Do not attempt to fix or replace your glass by yourself as it can be extremely dangerous. Injuries can happen and accidents may occur.